Month: June 2017

Across Iowa 6/22/2017

Dear IARBC family, Last evening we had the joy of watching some of our grandkiddos for a bit. Their mom and dad had some things that needed to be done and we were glad to help 🙂 We ate pizza (cheese pizza is still very popular with children), played some games outside and then came inside as the sun went down. We were watching an older Disney movie (Swiss Family Robinson) when Sandy received a text from their dad. He asked us to have the kids look outside as it had started to rain, and they had been praying that God would send rain. He wanted them to know that God had heard and answered their prayers. It was a good lesson in the wonders (lightning and thunder) and the works of God. In my opinion, we as fundamental Baptists have always worked hard at teaching our children the Word of God. It is also my opinion, based on many years in ministry and observation, that we have not worked as hard at teaching our children (and perhaps new believers) the works of God and His wonders. The heading in my Bible for Psalm 78 is “Tell the Coming Generation”. Every parent should know, embrace, and, by the grace of God, put into practice the truths in this passage of Scripture… WE must hear and know God’s Word…see and...

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Family Leadership Summit

The Family Leader will be hosting a Family Leadership Summit on July 15th from 9am-5pm at the Community Choice Credit Union Convention Center (formerly Vets Auditorium). Speakers include Dr. George Barna, Pastor Jim Garlow, Senator Joni Ernst, and more. The Family Leader is offering complimentary tickets to pastors and their spouses. You can get your free tickets by clicking here and entering the promo code “flspastor” or you can contact the Family Leader at 515-263-3495 or Please reach out with any questions. There is a bulletin insert to tell your congregation about the Summit.Click here to download it, and feel free to distribute it as you feel is most proper. For more information, please visit the Family Leadership Summit website...

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Upcoming Events

  1. Hispanic Retreat

    August 18 - August 19
  2. GO Youth Rally

    August 19
  3. IARBC Men’s Retreat

    August 25 - August 26
  4. IARBC Women’s RENEW Conference

    September 8 - September 9
  5. FBBC FaithFest

    October 7 @ 9:30 am - 5:00 pm